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Publicans & Restaurateurs  - listen up! Brew Society™ have an offering that is designed for food service – the products are excellent, the customer service is excellent, and the price is right. Get in touch today so we can create a package that keeps your valued customers & your bottom line happy. 

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Helping the next generation of Food Service and Retail business' grow, expand and thrive.

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Restaurants & Hotels


Restaurants & Hotels


Save big.

Grow your business with BrewSociety bundles. The more you buy, the more you save.

Committed to You & Your Customer

Whether you are operating a restaurant, cafe, hotel or are an independent retailer, we are committed to supporting your business and providing you with the best brands at exceptionally low prices. The more you buy the more you save. Our award winning products are designed to ensure a consistent and delightful customer experience across your Food Service or Retail business.

Meet the brands
changing the game.

Quality teas that keep your customers coming back.

Nibana™ drinking chocolate was created with the foodservice industry in mind. The range consists of 21%, 27% & 36% cocoa strengths.

Tasty milk for every situation.

The best soy going around.



10X Your Revenue with Beverages from BrewSociety. Get our guide and learn how.

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